Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Cards

I am an unashamed Hallmark Christmas movie lover. My sister-in-law and I decided to celebrate Christmas in July this year (2018) by playing Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo. The cards I’d found were good but they were missing so many things. So we made our own, using some of the good options from the cards I’d found and adding a whole bunch of our own. (Sadly, I don’t remember where I got the original from to give credit, but if I find out, I will add it later.)

If you, too, love Hallmark Christmas movies and like to have a little fun while you watch, grab your dauber (or a highlighter) and enjoy these Bingo cards! If you turn it into a drinking game, that’s on you. I don’t judge. (But maybe share photos!)

Thanksgiving weekend update: I’ve added 2 new cards for a total of 8! Enjoy!

Download Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo Cards or click any of the images below to download the pack (PDF)